The Ultimate Mac Security

What is more secure than being proactive? For only $11.99 per month, SafeguardPRO takes the guesswork out of common maintenance tasks, software updates and installing applications on your Mac.

Why Proactive?

When done regularly, updating the software your Mac stops small problems from becoming big ones. SafeguardPRO was designed to make sure your computer is ready to work for you by applying updates and software patches, and running maintenance when your computer is idle.

Cause No Downtime.

Every time you or your users themselves perform maintenance, it steals from yours and their valuable working hours – effectively creating down time. SafeguardPRO runs maintenance based on your users’ schedules and when they are not using their Mac so we never interrupt their day.  If they never stop, we issue a gentle reminder asking them to log out at the end of a working day.

Trouble Free Installing.

We curate a list of software that can be safely and securely delivered straight to your Mac, even if you are not an administrator. In fact we have over 200 software packages including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Office 2016 ready to install on your Mac. Installation happens automatically with the same tools used by Disney, Google, and Facebook to manage their Macs. Now it can be yours, stocked, safe and secure, and always up to date.


Want more features?  SafeguardPRO has them.

  • Background tasks run like a screensaver – only when idle
  • Removal of common adware garbage
  • Clam scans of commonly infected files and whole disks
  • Permission repairs (set file system permissions to match pkg receipts)
  • Backup and purge of user and system caches
  • Extended memory testing

Available for

  • OSX 10.6

  • OSX 10.7

  • OSX 10.8

  • OSX 10.9

  • OSX 10.10

We accept

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