LiveCARE, Safeguard and SafeguardPRO cover operational support and RMM for your Mac office or organization.

digginIT Projects bring your future to life, on time, in scope and on budget.

Project: Move to Office365

Microsofts Office365 is out and it is awesome on a Mac. We can help your office move your email, contacts and calendars into Office365, as well as teach you about exciting new collaboration and work tools in Office365.

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Project: Move to Mac

If you’ve been on Windows for years and want help switching your Office to Mac, we can help. We have helped dozens of offices in Manitoba switch to Mac and we can help you to.

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Project: Mac to Mac

Do you have a new Mac and need help migrating your files across? Or do you want to shuffle Mac’s throughout the office. Our simple and easy solutions for customizing your Mac’s reduces management costs and ensures your new Mac is ready for you.

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Project: New Local Server

You may need a server for local file storage, backups of your office computer systems, or to create a staff directory. We specialize in OS X Server, Synology and Microsoft Active Directory server and storage solutions.

Project: Mac Lab Deployment

We are experts in the deployment and management of OS X and iOS devices in education and enterprise. We can coach you on the many different tools used to deploy, manage and maintain hundreds or thousands of Apple computers.

Project: New Hire

Did your office just hire a new designer or staff person that works on a Mac? If so, you should take the time before the person starts to ensure it is ready for them. This includes setting up their email, server and local computer accounts. The computer should also be upgraded and maintenance and tests should be done on the Mac to ensure it will work for years to come.

Project: Mac Upgrade

We install new a hard drive, the latest OS, and increase the RAM in your old Macs making them faster and giving them a longer more productive life in your office or organization. We do it all onsite.

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