Managed Apple Solutions

Since January 2000, digginIT has been providing help desk and projects for Apple hardware and software for enterprise, business, and education clients.

Our mission and passion is to ensure that your Apple devices are running efficiently, and keeping you happy.

We do this by providing fast response and resolutions times to all of your Apple business questions through our LiveCARE, Safeguard and SafeguardPRO remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions.

LiveCARE is help when you need it. We can assist remotely or onsite to help you or your staff with Apple technology.

Safeguard ensures your Mac’s are healthy, backed up and free of malware. Safeguard is a free for all clients.

SafeguardPRO allows us to keep your Mac’s maintained, patched and updated, and even install new software specific to your organization such as printer drivers and applications.

Together, LiveCARE, Safeguard and SafeguardPRO allow us to provide fast response and resolutions times to any of your Apple issues at an operations level. We also create projects based on specific requirements for your office.

  • Set Up a New Business
    – Business needs assessment
    – Software solutions (productivity, accounting, POS, CRM, custom)
    – Network setup
    – Cross-platform integration
    – Data and asset management
    – Server and database installation
    – Ongoing support
  • Run Your Business
    – File and print services
    – Productivity and workflow optimization
    – Collaboration and communication tools
    – Systems and data security
    – Remote management
    – Advanced training
  • Grow Your Business
    – Integrate with corporate IT infrastructure (Directory Services)
    – Run Windows and UNIX applications on your Mac (Virtualization)
    – Create and deliver media
    – Learn IT and Pro applications
    – Implement enterprise mobility solutions
    – Deploy managed services
  • New to Mac, iPhone or iPad
    – Choose the right solution for you
    – Set up and configure your network
    – Migrate data (email, contacts, pictures, and documents)
    – Synchronize contacts, calendars, and email
    – Back up data
    – Learn more about your new device or computer
  • Mobile Solutions
    – Choose the right Apps for your business
    – Integrate iPad/iPhone with existing networks
    – Deploy devices across your organization
    – Secure and Manage multiple devices
    – Build custom solutions

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